For his first solo album in more than a decade, Asleep at the Wheel main man Ray Benson went into the project with a simple mission: To break out from his band, and to try out a few different things. And he had just the right material for it, a highly personal collection of songs, which makes A Little Piece very possibly the most personal album of Ray’s 45-year career. And it has as tasteful a guest list as you’d expect, including Willie Nelson as duet partner on one track.

1. A Little Piece (3:37)

2. I Ain’t Lookin’ For No Trouble (4:03)

3. Give Me Some Peace (3:28)

4. It Ain’t You (feat. Willie Nelson) (4:11)

5. In The Blink of an Eye (4:02)

6. Killed By a .45 (3:11)

7. JJ Cale (4:10)

8. Over and Over (4:31)

9. Lovin’ Man (5:09)

10. Heartache and Pain (feat. Rick and Mark del Castillo) (3:40)

11. Marie (2:43)

An up-close collection from the voice and leader of nine-time GRAMMY winners Asleep at the Wheel.

Co-Produced by Lloyd Maines, Sam Lightnin’ Seifert & Ray Benson

Available now on Bismeaux Records

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